About Barbara’s Brides:

Barbara Hearne, Owner, Lead Wedding Planner, and Certified Wedding Specialist:

MISSION STATEMENT: Barbara’s Brides is dedicated to unwavering service and provides a wealth of knowledge to create beautiful Austin weddings for delighted couples.

Barbara’s love of weddings began when she was a flower girl at her aunt’s wedding and continued through age 15 when she began working for another aunt’s catering company. Barbara continued her career in Southern California working with caterers, country clubs, and hotels for the next 15 years, gaining priceless experience helping brides create beautiful weddings. Barbara was a wedding planner before it became a popular business path. Once Barbara moved to Texas, she decided she could help more brides create their wedding dreams without working at a venue, so she took a leap of faith to begin “Barbara’s Brides” and made it her full-time career. Being a wedding planner in Austin brought Barbara the joy and fulfillment she had never found in any other job. Barbara loves the magic of weddings and how unique each one is. Every wedding is different just like each couple is different. Barbara creates wedding designs based on what the couples love, including colors, flowers, decorating styles, personality traits, and other special touches. Barbara’s input comes from years of experience in pulling all the ideas together and delivering simple, elegant, and stunning weddings every year. Seeing a couple’s excitement on their wedding day makes Barbara grateful each day for following her own dreams and creating one of Austin’s top wedding consulting companies.

Barbara is a natural at stress relief with her organization, calm demeanor, and firm, direct approach to the many different situations that arise at weddings. Being a wedding coordinator has given her the opportunity to share her professional skills with not only brides, but vendors as well by creating a team atmosphere at weddings which benefits everyone. There is nothing better than sharing what you do well with others and loving it along the way. Barbara also mentors young women and men each year who are interested in learning how to be a wedding coordinator. Some have stayed on Barbara’s team and others have moved on creating their own successful companies.

Next Steps:

So now what are you thinking? “Should I hire a wedding coordinator, a day of bridal consultant, an event designer, or maybe I can do it all on my own?” It depends on what you want your planner to do and what you can realistically do yourself. Do you need them to plan the entire event or just handle the “day of details” on the wedding day? You have over 70 Austin consultants to choose from.  Shop around, because they are all different, not only in their prices but their actual experience and ability to deliver your wedding vision. Look for the right match based on your personality, a feasible budget, and your personal wedding style. Always make sure your coordinator has an extensive knowledge of quality Austin wedding vendors based on actually working together at weddings. Your wedding planner’s confidence in their vendors should not be based on receiving a commission or kickback for that referral.

If you are wondering where to find a wedding coordinator with creative suggestions, a respected reputation with vendors, hands-on experience and problem solving at its best, look no further! Call us today so we can meet and see if you begin to feel at ease immediately. Most couples are amazed at the sense of relief they feel once they hire us.

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